Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photos from 2009 San Diego Open

by Unknown at 12:17 AM

To call it the "San Diego" Open gets a big fat fart noise from me for being so misleading. This year's event in Valley Center is 65 miles from last year's, and over 30 miles from the nearest beach. I grew up in North County San Diego, and I didn't even know where this place was. (Even Ken Delgado skipped this one, which is really saying something.)

Turns out there's a Harrah's Casino in Valley Center. And some farms. And some hills. And that's about it. It's kinda pretty, at least, in a pastoral, middle-of-nowhere kind of way.

I guess the money Harrah's shelled out to bring the tour there was far greater than the value of ticket sales + advertiser exposure + tour exposure down by a popular beach town. But hey, what do I know? I can barely squeeze out a blog post these days via any bodily function of your choosing, and make enough money on this site each month to buy some new bedding for my pet hamster named Tito May-Treanor (no relation to Misty).

Can't complain too much, though. It was still fun. Now see pictures:



Anonymous said...

I am glad it is not just me wondering why is the AVP out here for a full fledged tour event?

Can't Harrahs sponsor something on the beach - even Oceanside if not Mission Beach would be awesome but it seems like the 2009 AVP Tour is smaller this year than in years past and why they choose to do 0 promotions for these events is still a mystery to me.

The Harlem Globe Trotters where in San Diego 2 months ago and for 4 days up to their event they were on all the morning news shows doing guest appearances and shooting hoops with the tv personalities.

The AVP San Diego event last year had a poor showing but that had nothing to do with the fans and more to do with the fact that they never get Misty, Kerri, Phil, Todd or anyone else to go out and promote the event with some free tickets, volleyball demos for kids or even a guest appearance on a morning news show or two to get the word out.

I do not get it but I hope that someone in the marketing department wakes up soon and starts doing more to promote these events since the attendance and locations seem to be shrinking and not growing as I would expect after huge coverage from the 2008 Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jason,
I hear the San Diego event was standing-room only - due to the AVP not having enough money to erect a stadium.

And the AVP has minimal staff on hand - barely enuf to operate the tour let alone market it.

- Steve