Thursday, April 23, 2009

Olympic Gold Medal Rematch

by Jason Schock at 3:10 PM

Brazil will have a chance to air an Olympic-sized grudge against the Americans, and on Brazilian home turf, no less. Silver medalists Marcio & Fabio will play gold medalists Todd Rogers & Phil Dalhausser on Friday in pool play at the FIVB KIA Open in Brasilia, Brazil.


My prediction:
Insanely huge stuff block by Phil Dalhausser


Friday, April 10, 2009

AVP's chief kicked to the curb

by Jason Schock at 1:54 AM

Long-time head cheese of the AVP, Leonard Armato, has been reportedly fired from his post as CEO of the pro beach volleyball tour. COO Jason Hodell is replacing him.

Hans Stolfus:

Bottom line - They’re playing it as if Leonard wanted out on his own, and not the other way around. Which is bullshit. I know from an incredibly accurate source that Leonard spent all day trying to rally what’s left of his troops in an effort to petition for his position back.

Read Hans' take on the matter, because I've had my head in the sand while working like a galley slave these past few weeks.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

People get excited about beach volleyball

by Jason Schock at 11:49 AM

So excited, in fact, they pass out. D'oh!

I've been around the Internets long enough to see a few videos like this. Is it just me, or when people faint on camera, there's always at least one guy with the goofiest grin on his face not doing a damn thing? I guess maybe he was trying to preserve the integrity of the live broadcast.

If that were me, though, I'd be making damn sure my Interweb legacy was secured by doing some heroic sh*t. Pretty sure I'd at least tear off my shirt to expose my rippling chest and start some CPR or something. (No, I'm not just saying this because the victim in question is a tall blond vball chick.)

Edit: Nikki Allen is the Director of Operations for USC women's volleyball. FYI.