Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beach volleyball great, Mike Whitmarsh, dead at 46

by Unknown at 12:03 AM

Mike WhitmarshLittle slow on the beach volleyball news uptake at the moment, but I just ran across the news that Mike Whitmarsh took his own life this week. God, what a damn shame. Whitmarsh was an Olympic silver medalist, crazy talented, a San Diego classic. Probably many other things to many other people.

On another tip, suicide always blows my mind. Any sentient human understands the destructive nature of willingly ripping oneself from existence, the impact on your friends and family. Yet, people still do it. I'm a strong believer in having the right to leave this world on your own terms, but wow, I can only begin to imagine what kind of terrible place Whitmarsh's mind must have been to make that choice. I can only throw up my hands and shake my head.

My condolences to the Whitmarsh family.

Read the story at LA Times.



neil-the-heel said...

a shame

I spoke to MIke about three years ago as a bunch of AVP players were doing a practice drill at Hermosa Beach pier, right outside of Scotty's restaurant

He seemed like such a nice mild-mannered guy

No way to predict why his problems could grow to lead someone to do this while in the prime of his life. My thoughts and payers go out to his family