Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jose Cuervo says adios to AVP

by Unknown at 5:11 PM

Jose Cuervo, a mainstay among the many AVP sponsors through the years (since 1978!), will not be sponsoring the tour come 2009, according to Hans Stolfus.


I don't know what kind of money we're talking about here, but I know the perennial sponsor had a bunch of individual player sponsorships, especially with the second tier guys who are trying just to win back their gas money.

And let's not forget the Cuervo Gold Crown competition, a tournament within the tour that help players net some extra coin every year.

No more trips to Cuervo HQ. No more Cuervo Girls.

Cuervo girlCuervo girl



Hans said...

Want some extra sour news for your morning... Hilton is out as well. And Nautica. But they did just sign a 1.3 million dollar Johnsonville Brats deal. So, at least they're trying to get in touch with my roots. I'll bring the sauerkraut.