Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You need a publicist

by Unknown at 5:36 PM

Speaking of those God-what-was-I-thinking moments ...

Somehow I stumbled across this article from June 2001 showing some beach volleyball stars modeling skin tight Speedo shorts and man-sarongs, including Beijing Olympian Todd Rogers. No, it's actually not a spread from Out Magazine. This ran in the LA Times.

This is a great reason to pay players more, because then they could afford publicists who would have never let this happen.

Dain Blanton, Chip McCaw, Eric Fonoimoana, Dax Holdren, Todd Rogers, Rob Heidger, and Jeff Nygaard model their Speedos.

Nygaard and Blanton modeling the man-sarong.

photos: Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times



Tom Burke said...

A couple years back, the AVP hired a marketing/promotions guy to do some grassroots marketing. And he indeed reached out to the gay commumnity such as this publication. Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal were popular with numerous commnents posted about the uploaded pics.

- Tom

steve said...

Great post about this article, thanks for the information.