Friday, August 1, 2008

New book: Beach volleyball dirt exposed!

by Unknown at 2:23 AM

Order on the CourtTom Burke, a beach volleyball journalist I've never heard of (sorry, don't get out much), wrote a book called "Order on the Court". It's apparently goes behind the scenes at the AVP and the general f*ckery currently plaguing the sport.

If it's written with a tenth of the cheese of its press release, I seriously won't be able to get through it. It reads like a film description of a softcore beach volleyball porn from the 80's.

Sounds interesting, though. Hopefully, they send me a free copy because I'm cheap like that. If anyone's read it, though, let us know.



Anonymous said...

Just ordered the book and expect to receive it soon. A sample chapter and chapter summaries with pics are on his web site.