Sunday, August 24, 2008

Misty May-Treanor cuddling up to Republicans?

by Unknown at 10:33 PM

Misty May-Treanor digs a ballIt started with her visit to his house. Then he made a surprise visit to where she performed. She offered him her derriere; he couldn't give her what she wanted, his hands bound by forces larger than himself. On national television, she cried his name.

Now she's frolicking with his friend.

Oh, the drama! A Broadway love story? No! I'm talking about Misty May-Treanor, her pseudo-suitor, George W. Bush, and his "friend", presidential candidate, John McCain.

Bush was apparently smitten with the lass after she and Kerri Walsh visited the white house a few months ago. He dropped in on them unexpectedly at the Beijing beach volleyball venue during a practice session, where May-Treanor offered Bush her ass for a sporting slap.

When Misty and Kerri won the gold medal in Beijing, they shouted "Thank you, President Bush!" during their TV interview.

And just tonight, May-Treanor was seen sharing a laugh with McCain at a Diamondbacks-Marlins game in Phoenix.

I guess you could credit these Republican rendezvous to her care-free ways. Maybe Misty just likes the guys and doesn't know/care about their politics. Maybe that's just what you do when you've just won gold for your country: meet famous politicians. I gotta be honest, though. On the surface, it looks like she's got a bias toward the right.

Will she get political? Misty 2012?