Sunday, August 24, 2008

Karch's "US Open" site hacked

by Unknown at 3:54 AM

Karch Kiraly down on the sandWhile doing some research, I found that Google identifies Karch Kiraly's US Open of Beach Volleyball Web site as a security risk (see screenshot below). Basically, the site was hacked and may be installing nasty programs on visitors' computers.

I gave it a cursory inspection but couldn't find any obvious exploits, so the problem may already be fixed.

Still, it's alarming. This is the second volleyball Web site to be hacked this month. Just a few weeks ago, FatSpike broke the story when the popular suffered a javascript injection attack that affected some parts of their site. The problem was fixed quickly.

Damn. Volleyball peeps need to get their online sh*t together (or hire me to do it for you).

The US Open of Beach Volleyball was created by Karch Kiraly and his agent, Steve Lindecke, and USA Volleyball. Lindecke's company, The Elevation Group, produces the event.