Friday, August 1, 2008

Crocs croaking?

by Unknown at 2:49 AM

Future of Crocs?Crocs shoes, the most polarizing force in America since George W. Bush and title sponsor of the AVP Tour, may be going the way of the dinosaur.

In less than a year, the stock has gone from a high of more than $75 to now less than $4.50.

I think it started when parents discovered their kids' feet were getting mangled in escalators (see video below). Then the factory closed and moved abroad.

A few days ago, they offered a dark forecast for the year to investors, sending the stock plummeting and sparking a 50% stock sell-off.

Then, they announced a new "retail channel strategy", the strategy apparently being to go back to only selling plastic shoes in retina-scarring colors.

And just yesterday, Crocs lost another appeal to the ITC seeking to ban cheap Crocs knock-offs. Can you say "commoditization", kids?

Now, all I really want to know is, if the gator croaks will the AVP go with it?

Video: "All five toes are cut to the bone, two broken"