Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Conan thinks Todd and Phil look like gay porn actors

by Unknown at 12:13 AM

On Late Night with Conan O'Brien Monday night, Conan likened the gold-winning Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser to gay porn actors. During the popular Made-For-TV Movies intro segment, Conan showed a photo of the shirtless duo in front of a red backdrop looking incredibly fruity, juxtaposed with a fake porn DVD complete with lookalikes (see below).

Seriously, how did that photo make it to the light of day? I understand if you're broke and you don't have any representation, like back during the Speedo incident. But were those photos actually approved by their manager, or their AVP escort, or USA Volleyball, or someone before they were released?

I mean, damn. The last thing we need is to inadvertently steer beach volleyball into some kind of weird gay niche sport, like softball.

Watch the show (at 00:8:45), or read the transcript:

American beach volleyball team, Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser ...
[audience groans, laughs] That's a real photo of those two.

Todd Rog ... [cracking up]
Todd Rogers ... [audience applauds & whoops]

No no no, we have to get through this [laughs].

Todd .. [laughs] Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser will be played by Dak Packers and Rod Masters from Fire in the Hole 6.
[appaluse] We shouldn't have tried to show an after-picture. There was no way to top that.
From now on, I think some good rules would be:
  1. No more shirtless studio photos
  2. Reserve the right to nix a crappy shot
  3. Todd must shave his goatee forever



KL said...

Totally agree with your #3! The Professor needs to shave that mess off his face!