Friday, August 15, 2008

Beijing: Holy comeback, Batman

by Unknown at 9:57 PM

Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser bust a hi-fiveThere aren't many beach volleyball teams that can come back from a 0-6 deficit in a 15 point game and manage to win.

Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers can. And they did. And that's why they're Olympians, folks.

In their first match in the Olympic elimination round, the Americans went one game apiece with Switzerland's Laciga and Schneider. Laciga was bombing jump serves and putting up a wall at the net. Dalhausser was flubbing shots.

After taking a timeout, however, the U.S. came back with five straight points to get right back into the match. Then, it was almost a point-for-point battle to the end until Rogers ended the match with high a line roll shot.

So it's on to the quarterfinals for the U.S. team. They'll face the #8 seed Germans, Klemperer-Koreng, who took down the #1 seed Chinese today. Quarterfinal matches begin Monday at 10 AM (Sunday at 7 PM PDT).