Saturday, August 2, 2008

AVP San Diego: The Stolfus Punt

by Unknown at 10:51 PM

Insane dig by Hans StolfusThe San Diego AVP Crocs Slam is a mellow tournament. The top four teams are gone - en route to the Beijing Olympics - and it's single-elimination, so there are fewer matches taking place at any given time.

At least, it had been a mellow tournament.

The intensity was cranked up in an insanely entertaining, seesaw match between Jason Ring/Hans Stolfus and top seeds Nick Lucena/Sean Scott.

Ninth seeds Ring-Stolfus battled hard and eked out a win in the first game, 25-27. But with Scott's patented Giant Sweaty Man-Beast power, and Lucena's alien intensity, they took the second match, 21-16. The third game was intensely fought, with sick digs, long rallies and an incredible bomb by Ring and his 44-inch vertical jump.

Alas, Lucena-Scott edged forward to a significant lead. At 11-13, Stolfus lost his sh*t on what he thought was a bad call, screamed and punted a ball at least 100 feet into the air. I'm pretty sure it landed in Mission Bay.

That's the way to protest a call.

And that's a red card. Minus one point. (And he might have to pay for the ball, too.)

Lucena-Scott went on to win, 15-10.

As ridiculous a display of poor sportsmanship as it was, the crowd loved the Stolfus Punt. Hans is a scrapper and I think people felt the passion.

Sadly, I didn't get the photo, but Ken Delgado got the incident on video. Please pester him until he posts it on YouTube.