Friday, August 15, 2008

AVP hoping Olympics boost them into black

by Unknown at 1:24 PM

The WSJ writes about the potential of beach volleyball as a business:

"Coming off the Olympics, this is going to be very big year for us," [CEO] Leonard Armato. "We're going to get a big boost."
But many AVP players don't make enough to cover their expenses, which include having to pay for travel and lodging. [Jeff] Nygaard said some players occasionally sleep on the beach at tour events or under the triangular sponsorship signs that line courtside.
And don't expect the AVP Tour's circus-like atmosphere to change any time soon:
Steve Lindecke, an AVP board member and former top executive with sports conglomerate IMG, said beach volleyball needs to embrace its roots and turn tournaments into festivals with concerts and other attractions. After the competitive glory of the Olympics goes away, pure competition simply isn't enough.



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