Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AVP emcee, Geeter, gets a mention in Slate

by Unknown at 3:03 PM

Chris Chris "Geeter" McGee can usually be found rocking the mic as the emcee of the AVP. His stage personality helps keep the crowd riled up, and I've personally witnessed acts of pure linguistic genius in some of his "under pressure" rants (see below) during AVP finals.

His job becomes truly respectable when he's not on the mic: the crowd can barely muster a smirk, and forget about doing any kooky variations of the wave (slo-mo is AWESOME). That kind of motivational power belongs only to Geeter.

Therefore, it was rightly so that Geeter was chosen as the English-speaking emcee for the beach volleyball venue at the Beijing Olympic Games. He doesn't get the TV air time like he does on the AVP, but you can hear him announcing stars and commenting in between points behind Marlowe and Karch.

Today, Slate talks with Geeter in The Science of DJing an Olympic Beach Volleyball Match.