Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beach Olympians pissed at USA Volleyball

by Unknown at 6:05 PM

According to the LA Times, beach volleyball Olympians aren't happy with USA Volleyball's preparation and organization of their trip to Beijing:

[Misty May] Treanor said she was "disgusted and ashamed" with the way USA Volleyball and Olympic officials have prepared and organized the U.S. beach volleyball team's trip to Beijing to compete in this year's Games.


"Nothing has ever changed with USA Volleyball," [Elaine] Youngs said. "Every single Olympics is so unorganized, the people they hire are incompetent, they have no experience."
Damn. Not like EY is known for censoring herself, but when Misty May is going on the record like that, you know something is pretty effed up.

Apparently, there's talk of a split and formation of an independent beach volleyball federation. To me, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea. As it is now, beach kinda seems like the red-headed stepchild over at USA Volleyball, at least the way they're represented on their site and in press releases and such.

If it's to grow as a sport, it seems to me there needs to be a federation with beach volley as its top priority.

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