Monday, June 9, 2008

Can Karch save the AVP?

by Unknown at 4:45 PM

Karch Kiraly taking over the AVP?Here's the rumor we're hearing after Hermosa Beach this weekend:

Two insurance companies associated with Karch Kiraly will purchase 70% of AVP, Inc. and appoint the Pink-Hatted One to an executive position, essentially replacing current CEO and commissioner Leonard Armato.

Exact details of the transaction are unknown, but the deal will reportedly keep the cash-strapped AVP alive and funded through the 2008 season.

Armato, who founded the AVP in 1983 and helped resurrect it from bankruptcy in 2001, will likely be forced out of the company.



Anonymous said...

This is a stupid mash up of old rumors. Chicken Little Stolfus must be behind this one. Hey Hans, there is an EVP event this weekend - you can wear your "W" shirt, say anything you want, and play volleyball! Go for it!