Saturday, June 21, 2008

FIVB Paris: America! F**k yeah!

by Unknown at 8:21 PM

Tyra TurnerThe theme song from Team America: World Police was going through my head every time I thought of the FIVB Paris Grand Slam taking place among the croaking French (and waddling tourists and €8 espressos) in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.

I guess it smacks of destiny now that four US teams will be battling for medals tomorrow.

F**k yeah, indeed!

Hot competition for women's #2 Olympic berth

In the women's finals, the dominant Misty May-Treanor/Kerri Walsh (1) will be playing Tyra Turner/Rachel Wacholder (11). The latter have made great strides in their international game and will get a huge points boost with a gold or silver.

Playing for bronze will be Nicole Branagh/Elaine Youngs (4), setting up the potential for an American medals sweep. How do you like them Freedom Fries?!

Here's the battle for the 2nd Olympic spot as of today, with potential points after tomorrow:

  1. Branagh/Youngs - 4140 (+640 win/+560 loss)
  2. Boss/Ross - 4300
  3. Turner/Wacholder - 3100 (+800 win/+720 loss)
With only a couple hundred points separating each team, they will likely all continue competing in the next four FIVB events until the start of the Olympics.

Rogers & Dalhausser play for gold

Phil celebrates a pointFor the men, Todd Rogers/Phil Dalhausser continue their winning ways on the international circuit. They face Nummerdor-Schuil of the Netherlands in the finals tomorrow.

Jake Gibb/Sean Rosenthal saw an early exit in Paris, but still maintain a healthy points lead over the next-closest US team of Fuerbringer/Jennings.

photos: fivb