Monday, May 26, 2008

AVP writers doing some "creative borrowing"?

by Unknown at 5:24 PM

Funny. I noticed the teaser for the AVP story on Misty-Kerri's win seems strangely similar to my earlier blog post:

Here's mine, at 2:56 PM:

With her shoulder still healing, Kerri Walsh may not be playing at 100%, but she was healthy enough to help her and partner Misty May-Treanor take first place at the AVP Louisville Open today.
And the AVP's, posted at 3:30 PM:
Kerri Walsh's shoulder might not be 100 percent, but it was good enough for her and teammate Misty May-Treanor to win in Louisville. (screenshot)
I mean, I like theirs better and everything - not as wordy - but it's either a crazy coincidence, or I'm receiving that certain highest form of flattery. Am I nitpicking?



Anonymous said...

Nit-picky, and too much time on your hands to notcie and even post about such a thing. Let the summer interns be!

- Steve

Anonymous said...

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