Monday, April 14, 2008

Beach Girlz: Gimmick or potential goldmine?

by Unknown at 12:28 AM

The AVP season opener in Miami was also the debut of the Beach Girlz, an apparently ad-hoc all-girl pop group conjured up by the AVP just a month prior.

According to the AVP:

The Girlz have already recorded two songs. One is called "This Is The Life", and the other is a remake of the Beach Boys classic "Good Vibrations."

"It's similar to the Beach Boys, but we're the Beach Girlz now, the new generation," New said. "It has a bit of a rap sequence, and we've made it into our own style."

You know, the sport is sexy enough for most folks. But ok, sure, drop in a couple of hot singing girls. That's cool. Starbucks went crazy and got away from their roots, too.
  • Half-baked idea to get butts in seats? Yes.
  • Adding to already circus-like atmosphere of AVP events and possibly upstaging athletes? Yes.
  • Potential publicity goldmine for AVP? Possibly.
People love the terrible acts on American Idol, so I wouldn't rule anything out. If these girls are produced well, and the AVP knows how to promote them (hint: Internet -- call me), then you may just have something on your hands.




Anonymous said...

my answer to your question is: probably both. but i saw them this weekend in louisville, kentucky and they are actually very good. they sing live and well at that. who know's...