Thursday, April 3, 2008

AVP to keep playing with Wilson's balls

by Unknown at 6:44 PM

Ball jokes! Hardy har! Anyway, for any of you purists that were hoping the AVP would switch from the giant, yellow, puffy, and downright cartoonish official Wilson volleyball, to something respectable and vaguely resembling leather, your hopes are dashed for another five years:

AVP, Inc. today announced a five-year contract extension with Wilson as the “official game ball” of the AVP. The long-term deal extends through the 2012 season of the AVP Crocs Tour.

In related news, the 2008 AVP ball has been slightly redesigned. Here's a shot of one of the new Wilson balls next to an old one (Ken Delgado photo):

Also (slightly) related is this graphic I found of Kerri Walsh looking kinda tarted up on Wilson's Web site. Girl is naturally hot, fellas. Go easy on the makeup.
Keeri Walsh looking tarted up