Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AVP plans $1M finale to 2008 season

by Unknown at 2:45 PM

Todd Rogers & Phil Dalhausser, Big checkThe AVP is offering the biggest single prize in beach volleyball history to date - $1 million dollars (holy crap!). Based on points gathered through the regular season, it will work like this:

  • Cincinnati (Aug. 29-31): Top 24 teams compete
  • Santa Barbara, Calif. (Sept. 6-7): Remaining 16 teams compete
  • San Francisco (Sept. 12-14): Remaining 12 teams compete
  • Manhattan Beach (Sept. 19-21): Remaining eight teams compete against eight open qualifier teams for the $1 million bucks
For a sport where the top two or three teams are lucky to make a respectable living as professional athletes, we may be witnessing a landmark moment. Assuming this kind of prize money persists, we should see more competition, more drama, and more interest in the sport.