Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adelaide semis: Three US men's teams left; only Branagh-Youngs remain for women

by Unknown at 11:36 PM

Jake Gibb and Sean Rosenthal continue to charge through the winner's bracket, squeezing out a win over the German 14th seed in three games.

The American teams of Rogers-Dalhausser (2) and Fuerbringer-Jennings (27) are also cruising with wins in the contenders bracket. Fuerbs and Casey eked out a giant win over the top-seeded Russians, Barsouk-Kolodinsky, to send them packing.

Metzger-Williams bowed out with a loss to top Chinese team Xu-Wu (7).

For the women, Wacholder-Turner lost to a strong Aussie team, while Branagh-Youngs survive into the semi-finals in the contenders bracket.

Photo: FIVB