Thursday, March 27, 2008

Photos: The hotties of Adelaide

by Unknown at 7:17 PM

It's no big secret that beach volleyball involves hot athletes in bathing suits running around on a beach. I've always tried to stay focused on the athletics, though, you know, because I was raised to respect girls for more than just their bodies, n' stuff like that.

Still, sex sells. With that, I give you my first collection of beach volleyball hotties
from the Adelaide photo gallery. (And if any girls among my thousands of readers want to blog for me and post photos of hot guys, that's fine. Hit me up - chewthefat at


Juliana & Larissa of Brazil



Renata & Talita of Brazil

Canadians Annie Martin and Dana Cooke

American Rachel Wacholder

Canadians Marie-Andree Lessard and Sarah Maxwell

Australian Tamsin Barnett (right) congratulates partner Natalie Cook

Aussies Eileen Romanowski (left) and Summer Lochowicz

Greece's Maria Tsiartsiani

Australian Natalie Frostick

Aussies Eliza Dean and Katie Bartoli

Sarah Battaglene of Australia

Say, what's up with the body suits?
Girls are always cold.

On way to stay warm is to not shave excess body hair

Photos: FIVB