Saturday, September 8, 2007 TV and videos from Vegas

by FatSpike at 7:45 PM

I bit the bullet and paid $10 to get a subscription to TV. After previewing it earlier in the season, I'm happy to say that the camera work is better than it was. The camera dudes are zooming in on scores often and generally keeping the play in-frame.

Technology-wise, it still sucks.

Here's why:

  • Video tends to be jerky, especially on a Mac (using Flip4Mac plugin) so you miss key moments
  • Quality flip-flops from 400k to 700k for inexplicable reasons, and still looks crappy on both (I have a super-fast connection and no network traffic)
  • Audio and video get out of sync, so you hear a play before you see it
  • Video just dies, forcing you to reload the whole thing
  • These, when you should be seeing games:
Windows Media format just absolutely sucks for streaming video. I've never seen it work well: there have always bugs, poor quality, embedded player & plugin issues, compatibility, etc. It's just so Year 2000, and not in a funny Conan O'Brien sort of way.

I'd really love to see AVP TV bring it into modern times and go to a standardized format, like streaming Flash (FLV) video, ala YouTube. After all, I want to be able to watch AVP on my iPod Touch while cruising Europe. Can't do that with WMV.

So I don't think AVP should expect to make much money off the streaming video endeavor until it's a lot easier to watch.

For all my crying, I still managed to capture a couple few highlights from some Vegas matches, though.



Antonio said...

Yeah, the wmv stream is quite krappy...Flip4Mac is doin it's job, but they must have encoded it with some wierd settings.