Friday, August 31, 2007

Boss-Ross in finals at St. Petersburg

by FatSpike at 12:19 PM

With May-Walsh in Cincinnati this weekend, Boss-Ross have worked their way to a final against Brazil's Larissa-Juliana.

By Olympic points:

  • Larissa-Juliana officially ranked #2
  • Boss-Ross unofficially ranked #25

Looking at average points, though:

  • Larissa-Juliana #2 (463.6)
  • Boss-Ross #5 (410.0)
The Boss-Ross score is skewed by their big upset earlier in the season, but we know they're capable of digging deep.


Brazil takes it in three games.

The Americans can hammer the ball, but they're bigger and slower than the Brazilians. If Boss-Ross are on their serving game, the matches will be close. But Larissa-Juliana are second only to May-Walsh in athleticism. They can scoop and shoot with the best of them.