Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long Beach: Saturday

by FatSpike at 12:46 AM

My ass got cooked like bacon in the hot sun today. I napped afterwards until about 10:30PM, then went to eat out at a concrete-ish village of chain restaurants in downtown Long Beach. While I scarfed CPK, a dude got shot less than a block away, and the whole street got shut down. Nice!

Misty/Kerri won the women's final. Kind of a given these days, I suppose. They're simply a league above.

Earlier, I watched Wacholder-Turner drop EY-Branagh after those two kinda self-destructed. Seen it before: Branagh seems to lose focus and pass like crap, and EY just gets craaaazy. Screaming and such. Yikes.

On the men's side, Medel-Souza put up a great fight against Gibb-Rosenthal. They should have won, but they started making silly errors, and lost their lead.

Couple few photos uploaded from today. Sleep now.

Misty May Big check