Saturday, July 21, 2007

AVP Long Beach

by FatSpike at 4:30 PM

So I rolled down to Long Beach today (Friday) for the AVP tournament. God, traffic sucked. I guess it always sucks in LA. Eh.

I managed to only catch two matches, the newly-minted Tom-DeNecochea vs. Dodd-Minello, and the reunited Holdren-Scott vs. Lucens-Wiliams, yet another recent mash-up.

Holdren and Scott looked like they hadn't missed a beat since last year. Lucena-Williams looked pretty good, too, even though they lost.

So I realized who Lucena looks like: the baby alien that pops out of the guy's chest in Alien. I'm going to refer to him as Baby Alien from now on. Feel free to join me.

Baby alien=Nick Lucena

Logan Tom and DeNecochea seemed pretty solid for a new team, though they lost to the Lindquist sisters, whose no-block defense suddenly started working for them and got them into the semis. Tom and Dianne are both big girls, though, and not terribly quick. They rocked at the net, but they struggled with scoops. Should be interesting to see how this works out.

Logan TomTom hammering